It's Not Just About the Money!

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Watching Life Go By

According to Nielsen’s 2015 Cross Platform Report, the 68 million retirees in the U.S. currently spend an average of 49 hours a week watching television. I shared the startling statistic […]

Put me in, Coach!!!

Throughout my career, I found working with a business coach extremely beneficial. In the ‘80s, the woman I worked with was called a “career counselor”. In reality she was a […]

Entrepreneurial Spirits

Are you thinking about starting a business in retirement? You’re not alone. Baby Boomers are starting businesses in record numbers. An article ( cites several reasons why Boomers are […]

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What one factor surpasses all others when it comes to the quality of your post-employment experience? Your health. When we’re working, we often neglect putting our health first. According to [...]

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Retired From What?

This picture was taken of me four years ago — several years before my husband retired. I took care with my appearance, I felt confident, I dressed well, and I really liked […]

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I Got Rhythm

  For the first three months of retirement, it seemed that my husband, Chris, and I were constantly out of sync.  When one was up emotionally, the other was down. When […]

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Self Care

While navigating the emotional ups and downs during the first year of retirement, self care takes on a whole new level of importance. Watching as someone struggles with sagging self-esteem […]

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Stepping into the Silver Tsunami

May 1, 2015 was my husband Chris’s last day of work before retiring. For months we planned what to do in his first year of retirement. We had what we […]

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The Best Laid Plans Evolve

  In the summer of 2014, my husband decided that May 1, 2015 would be his last day at his job. He plans to continue working part-time in a new […]

"Don't simply retire from something; have something to retire to." - Harry Emerson Fosdick

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Retirement: One Word, Many Meanings

While my husband and I were at dinner the other night with two other couples, the conversation turned to the topic of retirement. The three men at the table had […]