It's Not Just About the Money!

Happy Senior CoupleYour Countdown to Retirement starts the conversation about how to prepare for the effects of the coming Baby Boomer Age Wave. It offers practical, realistic pointers in avoiding a retirement meltdown.

The best time to begin your countdown to retirement is two to five years before your last day of work. Researching options and developing a plan for the next 10, 20, or 30 years of your life takes time and is best begun while you’re still working.

Your Countdown to Retirement provides expertise, guidance, and experience from those who have already successfully transitioned to their post-employment phase of life. Learn how to identify and deal with unanticipated emotions and experiences:

“I didn’t expect to feel so isolated, irrelevant, and depressed after leaving my job.”

“We can’t agree on what to do in retirement. I’m so frustrated!”

“We’re thinking about moving closer to the kids, but is that a good idea?”

“We’re spending more money than we budgeted in retirement and our stress level is through the roof.”

“Now that we’re retired, we’re both irritable and seem to argue constantly. Is our marriage in trouble?”

Your Countdown to Retirement is an essential retirement planning tool. Order your copy today!